The Montaukett tribe originally occupied this area of Long Island. We humbly acknowledge the ancestral homelands on which we gather.

The Ranch traces its history as the longest running cattle ranch in the United States back to a 1658 cattle drive that ended in its rolling pastures. In the early twentieth century, Carl Fisher, the visionary entrepreneur who first imagined Montauk as a resort, built the two now-iconic barns on the land and shortly thereafter the farmstead took the name Deep Hollow Ranch.

In 1972, Andy Warhol and his collaborator, the filmmaker Paul Morrissey, purchased a neighboring seafront property and began frequenting Deep Hollow. The neighborhood a hub for some of the great talents of our time, the Rolling Stones and John Lennon among them. It was Warhol’s aura and place that drew the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Avedon ever eastward to what is known locally as “The End of the World.” In the 1990s, the property hosted the Back at the Ranch concert series, featuring legends from Paul Simon and Billy Joel to Ray Charles and Carly Simon, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the preservation of the Montauk Lighthouse.

Today, The Ranch is equally attuned to its farming history as its cultural heritage. Over twenty-six acres, the storied property continues its care for horses and cattle, as well the ecological needs of the area, celebrating all of this active beauty with world class exhibition spaces and arts initiatives.

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