The Ranch Cutting Horse program managed by Pat Keogh is a private training facility for the development and breeding of American breed quarter horses that are specially trained for Cutting Horse competitions. The Ranch is a member of the NCHA and is proud to compete in competitions nationwide, participating in all class divisions as well as the open class division.

Horse in field
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Herd of cattle

Cutting cattle are typically young steers and heifers that customarily range in size from 400 to 650 lb (180 to 290 kg). They usually are of Angus or Hereford lineage though may be a mix of crossbred beef cattle, including Charolais or Brahman lineage.

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The Ranch traces its history as the oldest active cattle ranch in America. The Ranch Cutting Horse program is dedicated to raising awareness and preserving the property's history.

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Cutting is a western-style equestrian competition in which a horse and rider work together before a judge or panel of judges to demonstrate the horse's athleticism and ability to handle cattle.

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Rough riders on horse back

The pastures of The Ranch once hosted Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders. In the fall of 1898, the riders were stationed on the same grounds as our equestrian program. The Rough Rider's legacy and Western influence is present to this day.

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The Ranch Cutting Horse program stands alone on the northeast coast as one of the only private farms dedicated to the Cutting Horse equestrian and cattle traditions.

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